Important Covid-19 Updates

David’s Auto Repair Service pledges to limit the spread of COVID-19 by adding extra services to keep you, your car and the community safe and healthy.

Now Offering Contactless Drop-off and Pick-up

Key Drop-off

Drop off your keys at David's Auto Repair to request services. All keys are stored in our secure drop box. Simply drop your keys and your request form in the key drop slot. You will be contacted by David’s Auto Repair Service, during working hours, to discuss your service or repair needs.

Key Drop-off for tows

If your vehicle needs to be towed to David’s Auto Repair Service, we have made the tow truck drivers aware of the key drop. You do not need to come with your vehicle.

Call or text to drop off or pick up your car

When you arrive, give us a call or text and we will arrange for you to leave your keys with your vehicle. You can do the same when picking up your vehicle. There’s no need to enter the building. Before your pickup, we will call you to discuss services or repairs and are equipped to take secure payment over the phone.

Home pickup and delivery

Don’t worry about postponing maintenance on your vehicle during this time of physical distancing. Let us solve your vehicles’ needs without you leaving the comfort of your home.

Call David’s Automotive Repair Service to schedule a home pick up for your vehicle. We will discuss your vehicle’s needs, the cost of the service, recommended repairs and take secure payment over the phone. Once payment is completed, we will schedule a home delivery of your vehicle.

Some restrictions apply.

All services at David's Auto Repair now include:

Latex glove service

David’s Auto Repair Service wears latex gloves anytime they are working inside or outside of your vehicle. We do so to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Disinfectant wipe of high-contact services

Disinfectant wipes can kill up to 99% of viruses and bacteria living on your vehicle’s surfaces. David’s Auto Repair Service will provide a disinfectant wipe down service for your vehicle’s door handles, high contact interior areas and keys. You can opt out if you are sensitive to cleaning solutions.

Seat & steering wheel covers

As viruses and bacteria can be present on clothing, David’s Auto Repair Service will use seat and steering wheel covers during pick up, drop off and repairs.

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